Salt Pond & Drunk Bay

Drunk Bay is located on the south east side of St John adjacent to
famous Salt Pond. The Salt Pond Bay Trail is a 1/4 miles long and well
maintained. Another 1/4 mile of scenic trail brings you to Drunk Bay.
The Salt Pond affords excellent bird watching and during a drought
produces beautiful salt crystals. As you near Drunk Bay you will be
surrounded by a dramatic windswept coastal hedge of 100% native
vegetation. The areas unique ecology hosts plants occurring no where
else on St John. After exploring Drunk Bay and the salt pond with your
guide you return to Salt Pond Bay for a guided snorkel or a relaxing
break at the beach. The snorkeling at Salt Pond Bay is excellent for
beginners as the bay is usually very calm with an easy sandy entrance.

Hike & Snorkel 2-3 hours
2-4 People $79 per person
5-10 Peaple $59 per person
(Max Group 10 People)

Tour Offered - 9:00 and 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays