Brown Bay


This wonderful hike is just over 3/4 miles from the inland trailhead to
the shore of Brown Bay. The first half of the trail is exposed and rocky,
steepley ascending 200 feet through cactus and agave. The trail passes
several historical ruins along the way to the summit. The second half
follows an easier grade down to the shoreline of Brown Bay as the
surrounding vegetation transitions to a lush tropical environment. The
sand & grass covered bottom of the shallow waters of Brown Bay
provide an easy entrance, great for beginner and intermediate snorkelers.
The bay is very protected and provides a perfect environment for queen
conch and sea biscuits. As you swim out of the bay you encounter a
mature fringing reef teaming with aquatic life and a dazzling variety of
gorgonians (sea fans, sea whips, sea plumes and others.) At the west
end of the beach you can access and explore a major historical ruin from
the sugar era.

Hike & Snorkel 2-3 hours
2-4 People $60 per person
5-10 Peaple $50 per person
(Max Group 10 People)

Tour Offered - 8:30 and 2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays